︎The Neverending Album

The album delves into the world of Twitter and uses the stream of Tweets to trigger audio samples and create music. Since the performance (video), the project has been translated to the internet 24/7 as an online work called The Neverending Album, powered by the ebb and flow of Twitter. People Tweet different things at different times so the Twitter feed is never the same, as a result neither is the music. It constantly ebbs and flows in response to the activity on Twitter creating an ever-changing ambient soundscape.

The project will keep building as more audio samples are gathered and fed into the machine. It's been online since 27th June 2016, and the intention is to keep it online forever. As the list of audio samples grow and the activity online increases the music will change with it. Think of it as the soundtrack to the internet.

A little bit about how it works...

Each keyword is programmed to trigger a sample. Tweeting music genres such as ‘techno’, ‘funk’ and ‘rock’ will trigger individual samples, a bit like playing a note on the piano. Tweeting ‘London’, ‘Tokyo’, ‘Paris’, ‘New York’ or ‘Berlin’ will change the bank of sounds, Tweeting ‘indie’ will increase and ‘alternative’ will decrease the tempo of the music. You can see all the Tweets zooming past on the huge screen in the video above.

You don’t need to tweet @ anyone in order for it to be picked up, the program simply listens to the Twitter stream and when it hears a relevant keyword it springs into action and triggers the related sample.

CREDITS: samples from Epistrophe Smith & Rico Tobies,  programming by Pedro Rodrigues